Youths open their own business

Meet youths from Safe and Inclusive Cities from Pumula, Bulawayo. This group of entrepreneurs under the Junior Achievement dares to re-define entrepreneurship, through using old tyres as an everyday business. Their entrepreneurial journey began after joining the project Safe and Inclusive Cities where they were trained on how to start businesses, manage them to mention but just a few. The group was not only trained in financial literacy and entrepreneurship they were also exposed to the world of business at this year’s Zimbabwe International Trade Fair which happens annually. On touring the fair through an assignment given the youths realized that there is a gap in the business sector in terms of using old tyres. So from that day the group started having mentorship sessions, trainings on how to make sofas from the tyres.
And today the group has been successful and has started to sell their products that are sofas, flower baskets, flower pots and tables.
The group thanked Junior Achievement Zimbabwe and Plan International for the exposure through trainings and workshops which have helped them see their business progress, networking with others in his line of business, and also developing the entrepreneurial spirit within them.

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